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                Zhuji Haizhou Ship Equipment Co.,Ltd. located in Zhuji Diankou industrial Zone, the beautiful hometown of Xishi, was founded in 1985. With the support of society, our company made a rapid progress. Our factory was built in 2009, covering an area of 3500 sqm.

                Our company mainly manufacture float-type air cap,hatch cover forcing screw,copper ingot screw ,balance wheel,eccentric gear,depth-sounding pipe seat,U-screw,universal joint etc. Our products has full specification and favorable price.

                As a large scale enterprise, our company dedicate to the design,manufacturing and marketing. We have complete manufacturing and testing equipments. We have established long-term cooperative relationship with large ship factories in Shanghai,Guangzhou,Qingdao and Dalian,etc.

                As we make further development, with the principle of quality first, customers first, we have a broad mind and are confident. We sincerely cooperate with friends of all walks, to make mutual benefit and create the new brilliance in 21th century.